Pumpkin Patch

Monday, I took the boys to a pumpkin patch. Christopher had a blast! The weather ended up being pretty cold and windy, so Luke stayed bundled up in the stroller. Christopher didn’t mind the weather, though! First we went to the petting zoo there. They had a couple of goats, a turkey, roosters, and alpacas. Christopher was so excited, he kept running back and forth, and didn’t know what to do with himself! I told him he could hold his hand out and let the goat smell it. Christopher thought it was really funny and kept yelling, “Tickle! Tickle!” I carried Luke around to see the different animals, and he kept pointing at the goats and saying “dog”. He’s pretty into dogs.

Next, we checked out the pumpkins. Christopher has really liked pumpkins lately, and gets excited whenever we see pumpkin decorations somewhere. So the pumpkin patch was perfect for him!

pumpkin patch | Adventures with the Nortons

pumpkin patch | Adventures with the Nortons

pumpkin patch | Adventures with the Nortons

pumpkin patch | Adventures with the Nortons

He helped me pick out our pie pumpkins. He also picked out some smaller gourds, which are going into the sensory bin later!

pumpkin patch | Adventures with the Nortons

pumpkin patch | Adventures with the Nortons


Apple Cinnamon Play Dough

I made a new batch of play dough for this week’s theme, and Christopher has been having a blast with it!

apple cinnamon play dough | adventureswiththenortons.comapple cinnamon play dough | adventureswiththenortons.com

apple cinnamon play dough | adventureswiththenortons.com

Apple Cinnamon Play Dough

2 c flour
1 c salt
2 T cream of tartar
1 t cinnamon
1/4 t cloves
2 T oil
red food coloring
stir in:
1 1/2 c boiling water
mix well
knead once cool

play dough and an ice cream truck

I’m trying to get caught up on posts for last week before getting too far into this week’s theme!

Play dough was by far the biggest hit of last week. It was Christopher’s first time playing with it, and he had a blast. I got the idea of using play dough with cars and trucks from To the Moon and Back. I did a bit of hunting around to find a no-cook play dough recipe that looked good, and came across this one from The Imagination Tree. I had to add more flour and cocoa, but otherwise, it worked wonderfully, and smelled amazing!

play dough | Adventures with the Nortons

play dough | Adventures with the Nortons

Christopher cleaned it all up when he was done, with a bit of help, and a little later, I found this:

play dough | Adventures with the Nortons

I guess the hedgehog needed to play, too! Christopher has loved the play dough each time he’s played with it, and it’s amazed me how long it holds his attention. He seems to especially like making houses with it.

Last week, we also made an ice cream truck. I covered a big box from Costco in white craft paper, then Christopher helped decorate it. He and Luke had fun going for rides in the truck, and Christopher enjoyed giving Pooh Bear a ride too.

ice cream truck box | Adventures with the Nortonsice cream truck box | Adventures with the Nortons

I’m working on a post compiling a bunch of car and truck activity resources, including all the books we read!

Dinosaur week – fossil cookies

fossil cookies | Adventures with the Nortons

Today, we made fossil and dinosaur cookies. We used this ginger cookie recipe, a dinosaur sandwich cutter, raisin eyes, and toy dinosaurs. Christopher had fun!

fossil cookies | Adventures with the Nortonsfossil cookies | Adventures with the Nortonsfossil cookies | Adventures with the Nortons

One of the finished cookies:

fossil cookies | Adventures with the Nortons

I hung up a string on which to hang Christopher’s finished artwork so he could look at it. That definitely got him more excited about making pictures! Soon as he finishes one, he points to the string and tells me to put it up. He also had me hang up some dinosaur flash cards. I got a pack at Target for $1 recently and gave him 5 different ones of dinosaurs he might recognize. He can now identify the t-rex, the triceratops, the stegosaurus, and the pteranodon. He loves pteranodons from Dinosaur Train.

Here’s a picture of the string after I hung it up the other night. Now it’s full, with pictures overlapping.

display string | Adventures with the Nortons

Dinosaur week – free resources

dinosaur theme resources | Adventures with the Nortons

Here’s a list of resources I used for dinosaur-themed activity ideas and printables. We didn’t get around to doing everything, and some things I’m intentionally going to do later. I’ve pinned a lot of these, plus more, on my dinosaur Pinterest board.

Printables and Crafts:


My dinosaur week posts:

Dinosaur week – making fossils

I decided to start doing some preschool activities with Christopher this year. He’s 2 and a half, so he’s on the younger side, but I think some structured activities would be good for him, and he seems to enjoying learning new things. I’m picking a theme a week and loosely structuring activities for the week. It will be mostly fun stuff, incorporating things like the alphabet and numbers. He can already mostly count to 10, though he usually misses the number 9, and doesn’t fully understand yet how to apply the counting to objects. I like the Montessori approach for young children. I want to always be encouraging the boys to learn more, but without putting unnecessary pressure on them. I think if opportunities are available to learn, they’ll soak up so much. Christopher amazes us with things he already knows.

We were going to start preschool last week, but I was sick, so we started today. We’re starting with a dinosaur theme, because Christopher loves dinosaurs. I picked a bunch of activities and found some good printables, and will decide how much to do each day based off how things are going. Today, he’s been coloring some Dinosaur Train pages I printed. Then we made fossils using this recipe from Sense of Wonder. We used a couple of dinosaurs from Dollar Tree and some dinosaur erasers from Target. Christopher had a lot of fun. His favorite part seemed to be using the spatula to put the fossils in the pan.

Tomorrow, the fossils are going into a dinosaur-themed sensory bin. I’m sure Christopher will have a blast with that!

I’m going to be posting more this week and we do more dinosaur activities, and will post a list of resources I’m using. Meanwhile, here’s my dinosaur board and my preschool board on Pinterest.