No more cast!

Wednesday, Luke got his cast cut off and his removable brace put on!

no more cast

no more cast

He enjoyed riding in the wagon at the hospital.

no more cast

After we got home, I got some pictures of the brace.

no more castno more cast

It ended up being a little too tight around his stomach, and was giving him stomachaches. So I took him back yesterday and they cut a bit more off and loosened it up around the waist. It seems great now! It’s so nice having in the brace instead of the cast. The brace is a lot trimmer and lighter, and I love being able to take it off him sometimes. He wasn’t too happy about taking a bath, though. He didn’t know what to think about being stuck in a bunch of water! It’s been so long since he’s been able to have a full bath, I’m sure he doesn’t remember it.

Overall, he’s responding really well to the change. They had warned me that it could take a while for him to be steady with the brace off, since his upper body wasn’t used to supporting him. But he hasn’t had any problem with it, and is just as active either way! He’s pretty excited about learning to walk, and loves going short distances on his own. This change hasn’t slowed him down at all!


Luke’s second cast

Luke got his second cast for his scoliosis on Tuesday, and everything went great! He had fun playing while we waited for the doctors.


He was pretty fussy the last 45 minutes or so beforehand, and didn’t get why I wouldn’t just feed him already. Then when they took him back to put him under anesthesia, we got to go back with him. They don’t usually let you go back when the baby is under a year, so we didn’t go last time. We looked pretty funny in the suits we had to wear over our clothes.

We went down to the cafeteria and got a snack while we waited for the procedure to be over, then I held Luke while he woke up. He was pretty hungry by that point! We had to wait a little while to make sure his oxygen levels were stable, then the cast was rubbing a bit under his arms, so they cut it down some. He was terrified of the cast cutter. I felt so bad for him, and it made me glad they waited until he was under anesthesia to take the first cast off. After that, we took him down for an x-ray, then we were clear to leave.

He was great once we got home! Back to his normal self and crawling all over the place. He didn’t let the cast change slow him down at all. This cast is a bit heavier than the last, but it doesn’t come down quite so far over his hips, which is nice.

He’ll be in this cast for two months. His x-ray results looked wonderful, getting his curve down to 10 degrees or less, which is the end goal! Next, we’ll either do another two-month cast, or he’ll switch to a removable brace for a year to help maintain the straightness. We’re waiting to hear back on which the doctor wants to do. If we do a brace, they would remove this cast, take a mold of his back, then put him in another cast for a month to maintain things while they have the brace made. Either way, things look wonderful, and he’s responding beautifully to the casting.