No more cast!

Wednesday, Luke got his cast cut off and his removable brace put on!

no more cast

no more cast

He enjoyed riding in the wagon at the hospital.

no more cast

After we got home, I got some pictures of the brace.

no more castno more cast

It ended up being a little too tight around his stomach, and was giving him stomachaches. So I took him back yesterday and they cut a bit more off and loosened it up around the waist. It seems great now! It’s so nice having in the brace instead of the cast. The brace is a lot trimmer and lighter, and I love being able to take it off him sometimes. He wasn’t too happy about taking a bath, though. He didn’t know what to think about being stuck in a bunch of water! It’s been so long since he’s been able to have a full bath, I’m sure he doesn’t remember it.

Overall, he’s responding really well to the change. They had warned me that it could take a while for him to be steady with the brace off, since his upper body wasn’t used to supporting him. But he hasn’t had any problem with it, and is just as active either way! He’s pretty excited about learning to walk, and loves going short distances on his own. This change hasn’t slowed him down at all!


Cast cleanup

In which I talk about the effects of poop and puke on a cast. Consider yourself warned.

The casts for progressive infantile scoliosis have moleskin around the edges for padding, then duct tape to hold it in place and provide some protection for the cast. Here you can see the orange cast (his first), the blue tape, and the moleskin:

A few weeks before getting Luke’s second cast, he had a dirty diaper go up the back of the cast. I took him in to have it checked out, and the options were to have the cast technicians clean it out, or take the cast off until he could get a new one a couple of weeks later. Thankfully they were able to clean it well enough and didn’t have to remove it.

Then last night, three days into Luke’s second cast, I had to almost completely change out the duct tape and moleskin. Not fun. Thursday, he had thrown up on me, and got some on himself. I looked him over, and while it got his clothes, his cast and silver shirt underneath looked fine. Last night, he had a poopy diaper that got the silver shirt and a bit of the moleskin. I pulled off some of the duct tape to get to the moleskin, and the sticky side of the tape was soaked. I kept pulling, and pretty much the whole back was like that. Most of the moleskin underneath the tape was wet, and one of the front edges of the cast itself, the plaster stuff inside, felt fairly wet. I re-applied moleskin to most of the edges and taped it down, and left the wet areas open to dry. They seem fine today, which is encouraging, and I’m going to talk to a spine nurse next week to make sure they’re not concerned. Hopefully everything will be fine and we won’t have to have his cast replaced already. The current plan is to keep him in this cast for two months, do another two month cast, then have him fitted for a year-long removable brace.