play dough and an ice cream truck

I’m trying to get caught up on posts for last week before getting too far into this week’s theme!

Play dough was by far the biggest hit of last week. It was Christopher’s first time playing with it, and he had a blast. I got the idea of using play dough with cars and trucks from To the Moon and Back. I did a bit of hunting around to find a no-cook play dough recipe that looked good, and came across this one from The Imagination Tree. I had to add more flour and cocoa, but otherwise, it worked wonderfully, and smelled amazing!

play dough | Adventures with the Nortons

play dough | Adventures with the Nortons

Christopher cleaned it all up when he was done, with a bit of help, and a little later, I found this:

play dough | Adventures with the Nortons

I guess the hedgehog needed to play, too! Christopher has loved the play dough each time he’s played with it, and it’s amazed me how long it holds his attention. He seems to especially like making houses with it.

Last week, we also made an ice cream truck. I covered a big box from Costco in white craft paper, then Christopher helped decorate it. He and Luke had fun going for rides in the truck, and Christopher enjoyed giving Pooh Bear a ride too.

ice cream truck box | Adventures with the Nortonsice cream truck box | Adventures with the Nortons

I’m working on a post compiling a bunch of car and truck activity resources, including all the books we read!


Cars and Trucks activity linkup

cars and trucks linkup

This week is cars and trucks week for preschool. It’s actually going to extend into next week, because this is a short week from the holiday, and next week will be short because Luke is getting molded for his brace!

I’m having fun finding lots of different activities about cars and trucks, so wanted to do a linkup. Please share your posts here! Any children’s activities related to cars and trucks would be great. Share away, and have fun checking out the different links!