Hummingbird Stalking

I’m really enjoying watching the hummingbird nest. The bird comes and goes a lot, and occasionally brings back a bit of fuzz for the nest. I’m fairly certain that she has unhatched eggs. She would have to be feeding baby hummingbirds every 20 minutes, and as much as I’ve been watching, I would have noticed that by now. I may be a wee bit obsessed. Apparently, hummingbirds usually lay two eggs at a time, but sometimes there’s only one. They can be laid a day apart, and she doesn’t start incubating them until they’re both laid. It’s usually 14-18 days before they hatch, but can be as long as 21 days, a little longer if the weather is cold. Only the mother tends to the nest and the babies. (She just brought back another piece of fuzz and tucked it down in the nest) If a male comes around, she will get defensive and chase him off if needed. I’ve seen another hummingbird come near a few times, and you can tell she’s on edge watching it.

We need to put our hummingbird feeder out now that the hummingbirds are out. We haven’t had it out yet this year. (Oh, there’s more fuzz) The problem with putting out the feeder is that it attracts bears. They love that stuff. We had a bear on our deck multiple times last year trying to get to it. Usually the routine is to bring them in overnight. Once we forgot, and he came to eat the birdseed we had left on the railing. Another time, he came right after they were put out in the morning. A friend of ours was staying with us and snapped these shots:

That was exciting, but needless to say, we have to be careful. (Edit: Apparently the bear pictures were taken by a friend, not Ryan, so I edited that line)


Hummingbird Nest

We have a hummingbird nest! It’s just outside the window behind the desk, so I’m sitting here watching the mama come and go from the nest. It’s too high to be able to see into the nest, but it’s still pretty exciting.

hummingbird nesthummingbird nest

And the current view from our living room:

Pikes Peak with clouds

Taken with a zoom lens to get rid of the deck and the trees in our yard. The big mountain is Pikes Peak.