Cast #4

On September 10, Luke got molded for a brace and put in cast #4 for while the brace is being made. He did great, and woke up more quickly afterward than previously. Our next appointment will be in a few weeks. They’ll take the cast off, x-ray him, and put the brace on. Then we won’t have to go back for 6 months, at which point they’ll x-ray him again to make sure him spine is still staying straight. There’s a chance they’ll have to re-do the brace at some point, if he has a big growth spurt, but hopefully not. Ideally, he’ll be in the brace for a year, then be done! I’m so glad to be past the point of having to do anesthesia every two months. I’m really looking forward to him being in a removable brace. That will make things a lot easier. I’ll be able to take it off to bathe him, I won’t have to worry so much about things getting down in the cast, and we’ll be able to change out the shirt underneath. I’m also looking forward to him being able to get a bit of a break from it each day! In the last few weeks, he’s started pulling at his cast and saying “off” occasionally. It will be interesting to see how he responds to not having it on!

At Children’s Hospital, waiting for the procedure:

waiting for cast -

waiting for castwaiting for castwaiting for cast

I had them make the cast green, and I wanted to get a darker green tape to cover it, but the only green they had at the store was neon!

cast #4

Last Friday, he took his first step. It was kind of accidental, and he still isn’t willing to try to take steps on his own. He can crawl so quickly, it’s a lot faster to get what he wants that way! He can practically run while holding on to something or supporting himself along the wall. He moving amazingly quickly for not walking on his own yet!

Here are the before and after x-rays. Just diagnosed, at 11 months old, before casting, curve 35-40 degrees:

scoliosis x-ray before casting

15 months old, in the third cast, curve below 10 degrees:

scoliosis x-ray in cast 3


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