Christopher to the Rescue!

Yesterday, we went to the library to pick up some books and go to toddler time. We hadn’t been to toddler time before, but I’m so glad we went yesterday! The theme was fire trucks. They read a few stories, sang some songs, then had some actual firefighters come in. Everyone went out to see the fire truck, and the kids got to take turns going inside. Christopher had a blast! He was exploring, turning on flashlights, and trying to figure out what everything did. I forgot to grab the camera before we left home, so I only had my cheap phone to get a picture. I’m glad I got something, though! Lightroom helped make it a little better.

After the fire truck, we all went back inside while one of the firefighters talked about fire safety. He put on all his gear, slowly adding one piece at a time, while talking the kids through it and explaining how he was still the same person and they didn’t need to be scared. Christopher liked the helmet, and started patting his own head and saying, “Fire hat too!” Once the firefighter had all his gear on, he knelt down so all the kids could go up and see him and touch the gear. I think Christopher wanted to take the hat! I think I’ll be finding him some firefighter gear for Christmas!

I have more posts in the works. It’s been a busy week, including getting Luke’s new cast.


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