Dinosaur week – making fossils

I decided to start doing some preschool activities with Christopher this year. He’s 2 and a half, so he’s on the younger side, but I think some structured activities would be good for him, and he seems to enjoying learning new things. I’m picking a theme a week and loosely structuring activities for the week. It will be mostly fun stuff, incorporating things like the alphabet and numbers. He can already mostly count to 10, though he usually misses the number 9, and doesn’t fully understand yet how to apply the counting to objects. I like the Montessori approach for young children. I want to always be encouraging the boys to learn more, but without putting unnecessary pressure on them. I think if opportunities are available to learn, they’ll soak up so much. Christopher amazes us with things he already knows.

We were going to start preschool last week, but I was sick, so we started today. We’re starting with a dinosaur theme, because Christopher loves dinosaurs. I picked a bunch of activities and found some good printables, and will decide how much to do each day based off how things are going. Today, he’s been coloring some Dinosaur Train pages I printed. Then we made fossils using this recipe from Sense of Wonder. We used a couple of dinosaurs from Dollar Tree and some dinosaur erasers from Target. Christopher had a lot of fun. His favorite part seemed to be using the spatula to put the fossils in the pan.

Tomorrow, the fossils are going into a dinosaur-themed sensory bin. I’m sure Christopher will have a blast with that!

I’m going to be posting more this week and we do more dinosaur activities, and will post a list of resources I’m using. Meanwhile, here’s my dinosaur board and my preschool board on Pinterest.


2 thoughts on “Dinosaur week – making fossils

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